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May 08 2013




Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 immediately sniffs a change in the air. pretends like nothing is wrong, but snarls at her. That’s the way is going to play it? Afraid he won’t think you’re so cute once he knows what you did?, she says, nodding at . And then Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 bares her brand new fangs. is terrified, cowering behind . starts to stalk off, but tells her that was only trying to help. Turning me into a monster? I don’t need that kind of help, and I don’t need your help either. She leaves — but not after threatening to rip out their throats if they get in her way. turns to Sookie: Nothing’s going on, huh?Back at ’s house…

Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 we see the feet of an intruder rummaging through ’s private papers and discovers that has been keeping a secret file on for years, since she was a child. The boots of that intruder leads us to believe it is Franklin. Also, is still dealing with the dead trucker in ’s house. She even tries using Lysol to cover the stench. Finally she rents a chainsaw for the night to dispatch the body, only to discover the body missing!

Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 That day, finds at the restaurant and tells her he’s off with Patrick on a mission — he can’t tell her any details, though. Don’t expect me to be here when you get back, she cries.
Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 and show up at Merlotte’s, still on the hunt for . She finds in his office and asks him if he’s seen . When he denies it, she tunes in telepathically. Think about how she smells boobsboobsboobs think about how she smells anything but the walk-in. The walk-in? asks sharply. Sheepishly, admits it was the only light-tight Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 place he could think of on short notice. Is she okay? asks. : Hell no! She’s a vampire.
Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 says that she had to turn because she was going to die otherwise. ,
Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 Meanwhile, Gordon and Debbie Pelt are the hunt for their daughter. After bringing the case to — who’s in a bit of a lather, having just discovered that ‘s sons have posted a picture of his rear end on Facebook — they go see ,

At this point, wakes up in the freezer and spots and attacks … but it’s only a dream. It’s Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 actually waving a bottle of Tru under her nose. She tells him not to touch her and grabs his arm and tosses him out of the walk-in, and everyone comes running. steps out of the freezer.
 .You can see that he is gaining feelings for Sookie, and it is taking him by surprise.Naruto Shippuden Episode 311 finds his birth family; they spend the day discussing why they abandoned him. His mother is a shifter also, and she was 17 when she gave birth to , while her husband was in prison serving 17 for “a crime he didn’t commit.” His brother is none too happy to suddenly have a new addition to the family. As it turns out, he is a shifter as well and he tricks into shifting into a dog with him to go for a run, when he tries to get hit by a semi-truck. Tommy shifts into a bird and takes flight.

goes back to Fangtasia to get more help from , bringing with her, after their discovery last week of the Operation Werewolf symbol on the dead man. basically only tells her to stay away from the Werewolves, as they are highly trained and funded and very dangerous. starts to cry, asks her not to do that because it makes him feel uncharacteristically human.

and , showing their friendship building, have a drunk, bonding “I Love Ya’ Man” . is driving home when he has to stop at a drug bust. sees a mysterious blonde, then gets distracted by a drug dealer trying to escape. saves the day by tackling him…new career for ??



Summary:  During his childhood, Shawn Spencer developed a remarkable talent for noticing the tiniest of details under the guidance of his policeman father. However, upon growing up he found it difficult to get ajob, and spends most of his time using his skill to give the police anonymous tips. However, the tips are so good that some cops become suspicious that he is involved with the crimes himself. To clear his name Shawn finally settles on a career: he pretends to be a psychic. No one really believes him, but he continues to be so helpful to the police that they keep calling him in on cases they can't solve. Shawn soon brings his childhood friend Gus into his scheme,   After Gus accidentally tampers with the crime where his boss was killed, Shawn helps him find the real murderer before Gus is arrested and between their bantering they manage to solve every case they're presented with.

Episode Name: Office SPACE

Air date:  5/8/2013

10:00 PM  , USA

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New Nashville episode 19,season 1 second spoiler clip released. Recently,ABC dropped this new,2nd,sneak peek/spoiler clip (below) for their upcoming “Nashville” episode 19 of season 1, and it looks quite interesting as Rayna and Deacon are spotted getting their heavy romance thing on,and more. The episode is called, “Why Don’t You Love Me.”

In the new clip, Rayna and Deacon are spotted all over each other in bed after a night of passionate love-making. Then Rayna gets a phone call from her daughter,informing her that she and Juliette have been nominated to receive the same CMA award.

From there, they eventually get her off the phone,so that the heated love-making and kissing can continue until only God knows when. Check it out,below. Episode 19 airs tonight,May 8th at 9pm central time on ABC.



Episode Name:
Clip Show
Air date:
Sam and Dean reunite with Castiel. Digging through the Men of Letters’ files, they stumble upon an undiscovered film which could be the key to the third trial. Metatron enlists Cass to mull over problems at home. Meanwhile, Crowley digs into Sam and Dean’s past.

My favourite thing about this episode was the reveal of Castiel’s hide-and-seek game with Naomi, which involved travelling from one Biggersons restaurant to another. Because of their ‘sameness’, the angels couldn’t track him down to an exact restaurant, so decided to slaughter the entire clientele of one just to stop him. It’s a powerful image, even by this show’s standards, and Castiel doesn’t come off too well from his subsequent encounters with Naomi and Crowley. Cleverly, he hid the angel tablet in his own gut, but Crowley had no qualms about reaching in and pulling it out. It looks like Dean is going to have yet another invalid in the Impala.

This week’s episode also contained the necessary exposition dump from key player Metatron, who explained the current mood of the angels to Sam and Dean. The stuff about storytelling and free will was interesting, and reminded me a lot of Chuck. I’ve still not given up on Chuck’s return and reveal as God by the end of the show, by the way – for me, that would be the only sensible way to end it. Right now, though, the angels want the tablets so they can gain power in God’s absence, and the newly reformed gang will have to complete the third trial (curing a demon) before crap hits the fan.  

Going forward, it’s lovely to have Castiel, Kevin, Sam and Dean back together again, and an extra angel can’t do them any harm either. Unlike at this time last year, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what will happen in the season finale, and hope that the show doesn’t cop out of closing the hell gates. What happens next, or “what the world will look like” as Metatron wonders, would be very interesting to see and, if we don’t get the chance, then the writers are going to annoy a lot of people. I’d also like to see a demon other than Crowley be cured, but can’t recall one that we like enough now that Meg has departed.



Watch Arrow Episode 22 - Full Online. Are you expecting this episode? Arrow out there, your preferred television series is back with a new episode. Arrow Episode 22 will be publicizes date on your television screens on May 08, 2013 on CW. Arrow Episode 22 is titled “Darkness on the Edge of Town”. From the title alone, this installment sounds exciting and it will certainly be one. So, keep an eye on the release date and do not be left behind in Arrow Episode 22. Do not miss this episode for this will certainly be an important episode and will complete the nighttime of all its TV audience.

And a little about this episode? What will happen next? With the Undertaking days away, Malcolm (guest star John Barrowman) dons his black hood to conclude business with seismologist Dr. Brion Markov (guest star Eric Floyd) and his team. Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Moira (Susanna Thompson) entertain a number of surprise - and mostly unwelcome - visitors. Hooded confrontations at home and the Meryln Global Group reveal dark secrets. Meanwhile, Roy (guest star Colton Haynes) and Thea (Willa Holland) are still looking out for a hero. Laurel (Katie Cassidy) makes a decision after Tommy's (Colin Donnell) revelation. In a flashback to the island, Oliver, Slade (guest star Manu Bennett) and Shado (guest star Celina Jade) struggle to prevent Fyers (guest star Sebastian Dunn) from shooting a Ferris Air jet out of the sky.

Show synopsis: The series follows Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), billionaire playboy of Starling City, who spends five years stranded on an island following a shipwreck that claims the life of everyone else on board, including his father, Robert Queen, and Sara Lance, the sister of Oliver's girlfriend Laurel (Katie Cassidy), and with whom he was having an affair. Upon his return to Starling City, he is reunited with his mother, Moira (Susanna Thompson), her new husband, Walter Steele (Colin Salmon), the former CFO of his father's company who is now the CEO and his younger sister, Thea (Willa Holland). He is also greeted by his best friend, Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), the son of successful businessman Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman). Oliver also tries to reconnect with ex-girlfriend Laurel, but she blames him for the death of her sister, Sara.

As a great TV show that is very creative, we believe Arrow Episode 22 - Full Online will be an important episode. For that, do not forget to watch Arrow Episode 22 - Full Online. It's up to you, you can watch it streaming via the Internet, or through a television at home.


Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 | Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 The Wildlings will finally scale the Wall in the upcoming episode of “Game of Thrones,” “The Climb.” It seems Jon and Ygritte had to come out of their cave after all in episode 6, because a new promo for the upcoming episode shows the duo beginning their ascent up to Castle Black.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 Though Jon broke his vows to the Night’s Watch in Sunday’s “Kissed by Fire,” it remains to be seen whose side he will stand on once he finds himself in Castle Black again. Hopefully he remembers his allegiances are to Westeros, but with an intriguing leader in Mance Rayder and new love interest, he could want to stay north of the Wall.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 “The Climb” will also show the return of Bran and Theon, both of whose storylines were absent from “Kissed by Fire.” Theon seems to be in as bad of shape as ever, and the boy who betrayed him tells him, “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention.” It’s not much of a stretch to say that this is the mantra of “Game of Thrones” as well.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 Also, did anyone else love the fact that we finally get to see Brienne in a dress, even if she is trying to kill Roose Bolton while wearing it? Fans of the George R.R. Martin books might rebel against this prettier Brienne because she is supposed to be ugly, but we love this softer side of the character.

“Game of Thrones” airs Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.



Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 | Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5


Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 The traditional place to start a story — particularly a story featuring beautiful maidens, brave knights, and extravagant, fairy-tale weddings — is at the beginning. When the sun is shining and the storm clouds of plot are still a ways away, it’s possible for an audience to gain perspective and appreciate the purpose of the struggle to come. It’s why The Fellowship of the Ring opened with a Hobbit birthday party, not a savage orc battle: It’s a necessary glimpse of good before things inevitably go bad.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 But Game of Thrones is far from a traditional story for reasons that go well beyond the fact that the beautiful maiden in question is currently a hostage, the brave knight is gay, and Westeros’s wedding of the year will celebrate the union of a cleavage-baring schemer and a psychosexual sadist whose mother is also his aunt. Things may have gotten progressively worse in the Seven Kingdoms since the series began, but decline seems to be the natural direction of things in Westeros. As far as I can tell, there have been no good times, only moments that were slightly less bad. Before Joffrey’s reign of errors, there was Robert Baratheon, a wine-drunk usurper who treated the Iron Throne room like the MLB Fan Cave. And before Robert, there was Aerys Targaryen, the Mad King, who burned bridges and allies with equal ardor. Barristan Selmy’s recognized as far away as Essos as a great warrior, but what he really is is exhausted. “I’ve burnt away my years fighting for terrible kings,” he sighs to Jorah. “Just once in my life, before it’s over, I want to know what it’s like to serve with pride.” The quiet calm of Winterfell we witnessed back in the pilot wasn’t merely brief, it was illusory. The crush of plot and the multiple points of view since then have taught Game of Thrones watchers an important lesson: Peace is only pleasant for the winners. And even for them, it always arrives with an expiration date.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 “Kissed by Fire” lacked a climax as world-rattling and satisfying as Daenerys’s emancipation conflagration (though Jon Snow and Ygritte might beg to differ), but it more than made up for it with an hour of deeply unsettling foreplay. From the wilds beyond the wall to the equally unsafe woods on the other side of it, the old ways and orders are crumbling faster than the crown’s finances. What was particularly well done about Bryan Cogman’s script was the way it suggested that this societal collapse began long before Game of Thrones did; the hour was littered with the ghosts of past mistakes, the sting of phantom pain. “The corruption,” as the radical maester told Jaime Lannister, “has spread.” To see the series adopt the mind-set of Lady Olenna during her sit-down with an unusually sober Tyrion — contemptuous of rigid bookkeeping and bored with any attempt to curtail mayhem with manners — was, in a way, exhilarating. But mostly, it was terrifying.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Deep in a cave, the Brotherhood without Banners staged a battle royale for the old gods that instead helped establish the new normal. When the Hound shrugged off his fear of flames and buried his sword in the chest cavity of the fire deity’s chosen son, it appeared to be a victory for law and order (not to mention for actor David Michael Scott, who played Beric Dondarrion briefly in Season 1. Who’d want to trek all the way to Northern Ireland for such a quickly extinguished firefight?). But Thoros’s whiskey breath is more powerful than it first appeared, and Beric, now in the one-eyed guise of actor Richard Dormer, is revealed to be the Black Knight of House Python: Not even the most savage flesh wound can stop him. Granted, Arya Stark has been in Westeros longer than I have, but she seemed much less freaked out by the sudden revelation of magical resurrection. When death isn’t permanent, when Melisandre’s red god isn’t just blowing smoke, when those without rules seem like winners, what does it say about the game we thought these characters were playing? “It is and it isn’t” is how Thoros defines the reality of a strange situation, and the contradiction makes perfect sense for a group that seems to have put itself in better shape by giving up any number of things: old structures, old allegiances, and, as Gendry points out, old debts. And Arya, still driven by anger and vengeance, doesn’t seem to understand any of it. Is there a word for “nuance” in High Valyrian? Because the idea certainly doesn’t seem to exist in the common tongue.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Speaking of common tongue, Jon Snow also had to sacrifice an oath last night, right along with his virginity. Ygritte had been reaching for the former crow’s sword for weeks, but she finally got a hold of it in all of the best ways. Sure, it was awfully convenient that the Wildling camp was located just above the Heart of the Island, with its honeymoon-suite-like hot tub, but only the most cynical viewers could’ve been left cold by the sight of the scruffy northman going south. And while Ygritte’s Anna Faris act had to have been hard to swallow, it was no doubt worth it. After all, it’s not every day a *** transforms into the real Lord of Bones.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Jokes aside, Jon Snow’s willingness to roll with both a gorgeous redhead and a series of crazy situations sets him apart from his eldest half-brother. Robb Stark inherited the title, disposition, and strength of character of his beloved father. And this, we’re shown again and again, is exactly the problem. When Ser Donald Sutherland stormed the dungeons of Riverrun with the express purpose of murdering two little Lannisters so negligible they were practically kittens, not lions, it was absolutely treason. And Robb had every right to be mad, to stamp his feet, and to hang whomever might make him feel temporarily better. But to behead the head of the insurrection was as much a failure of strategy as it was a win for good morals. And as Lord Karstark would tell him if his heart were still beating, it’s strategy that wins wars, not scruples. “I’m not fighting for justice if I don’t serve justice to murderers in my ranks” is how Robb spins his decision to his more cynical inner council. But Robb doesn’t seem to realize that he’s not fighting for justice — that’s just an empty concept in Westeros, a fancy word to hang on a brutal reality that helps the highborn sleep better at night. Battles are only about concepts in retrospect; in the moment, they’re fought for territory and titles, for power and money. If you aren’t interested in any of those things, you might as well stay home, hug your children, and leave the politics for those who actually know what they’re doing.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 For all the reverent talk of Ned Stark last night (Beric: “He was a good man”; Jaime: “Honorable”; Sean Bean: “My schedule’s actually pretty wide open!”), it’s worth noting that modeling oneself after the former Lord of Winterfell is not a particularly good move for long-term survival. Being respected and admired are currently doing Ned about as much good in death as it did in life. And I fear the same rough ending awaits Robb. It reminds me of what Selmy said about Ned’s BFF, Robert Baratheon: He was “a good man, a great warrior, and a terrible king.” Ned was honest, decent, and totally clueless. The Meat Loaf Conundrum does not hold in the Seven Kingdoms: Two out of three might not be bad, but it’s certainly not enough. While Jon Snow drops expectations along with his pants, Robb and Arya seem fatally bound to them. They seem like they’re playacting roles they’ve inherited — fair crusader, tireless avenger — instead of figuring out who they’d like to be instead.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 And the thing is, Ned was a good father! Imagine how rough it is out there for those who weren’t so lucky. I don’t know much about Papa Bear Baratheon, but he must have done a number on his boys, positioning them so close to power and yet so far away from each other. Revealing the stony sadness behind Stannis’s flaming heart was the latest in a series of rewarding reversals from Benioff and Weiss (and, I suppose, Martin, too). How could someone so gloomy and tortured ever be mistaken for a Lord of Light? But, then again, how could someone so gloomy and tortured ever resist the flattery of being called one? Poor Mrs. Baratheon was up in the attic like Bertha, the crazy first wife in Jane Eyre, inventing her own truth and staring at the floating corpses of her dead babies. (In terms of scary things in jars, last night’s episode put Game of Thrones well ahead of The Walking Dead.) Faith can be a slippery slope, in any reality. The Fire God seems like a chill hang when you’re sipping lean with Thoros and his merry band of outlaws, but seeing Selyse babble on about holy adultery reminded me of how hippie free love crashed and burned at Altamont and how Scientology was responsible for making Tom Cruise a star before it was responsible for Crash. Stannis may be clinging to his new religion to help warm him up, but it doesn’t seem to be improving his own parenting skills. So what if his daughter has a light case of lizardface? At least she doesn’t stand on ceremony. Teaching Davos how to read is enough to bring an Onion Knight to tears. It also tied in with the episode’s underlying message: You’re never more free than when you’re locked up, and you’re never closer to victory than when you’ve got nothing left to lose.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 This topsy-turvydom was present in Daenerys’s arc: She gave a slave army their freedom and won their loyalty forever. She instructed them to name themselves; they don’t care what they’re called as long as she’s the one doing the calling. But how will it play out with Game of Thrones’s fascinating first family? This was the episode in which Jaime, a character who made his entrance tossing an 8-year-old out the window like a wad of chewing gum, was revealed to be a broken child himself. Dazed by pain, exhaustion, and the heat of Lord Bolton’s his’n’hers Jacuzzi (a long time coming but finally a big week for bathing on Game of Thrones!), the Kingslayer drops the snark and reveals the details of the day he broke his oath as a member of Aerys Targaryen’s Kingsguard. As a young man, Jaime was forced to choose between duty and madness, between the Kingdom and his family. Considering his choice — and considering who his father is — Jaime’s incest begins to make a sort of sense. Tywin believes in the importance of family above all else, but he certainly doesn’t like his actual family. Can you blame Jaime for looking for love and acceptance elsewhere in his home? When he collapsed in Brienne’s naked arms, he was in the midst of either a seizure or a Marlo Stanfield moment, but it’s telling and sad that the name he yearns for is the only thing no one ever calls him.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 In the episode’s devastating final scene, the effortlessly malevolent Charles Dance manipulates his scarred and scared children in the same callous way Robb Stark moved the oversize chess pieces on his desktop game of Stratego. First, he announces that he wants Tyrion to marry Sansa Stark in an attempt to secure the North, and before Cersei can drop the Mean Girls smirk from her face, he demands that she in turn marry Sansa’s secret intended, the highly uninterested Ser Loras, in order to secure the Reach. In case there was any remaining doubt about Tywin Lannister, this scene removed it: Westeros’s most dedicated pen pal is not only the best player in the Game of Thrones (after all, he never backs a losing side), he’s also the biggest ***. Are these two things connected? I imagine so.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 The most interesting question still to come is whether Cersei and Tyrion can break out from this punishing, poisonous line and start seeing themselves with their own eyes, not through those of their perpetually disappointed father. Cersei acts like a calculating b*tch because that’s how her father behaves; Tyrion alternates drunken disaffection with serious work because he can’t decide if he wants to kill Tywin or change his mind. But here’s a free raven for the two of them: They don’t need to win their father’s approval to be happy! The truth is, they don’t need to win at all. In our world, we like to say that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. But on Game of Thrones, it appears that those who forget the past might be the only ones with even the slightest chance of survival.



Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 | Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Warren Buffett, one of American capitalism’s own Masters of Coin, is often credited with introducing the phrase “skin in the game.” It turns out the Lord of Omaha didn’t actually invent the expression, which refers to an individual’s assumption of real risk in a chosen undertaking, but it’s easy to see why he’s become synonymous with it. Despite possessing the wealth of a Lannister and the toughness of an Ironborn, Buffett remains as popular as a Tyrell with the world at large. The reason: The billionaire businessman never makes a move that doesn’t involve sticking out his own neck. People tend to trust a guy who trusts himself, and, more likely than not, they’ll respect a winner who has personal knowledge of what it feels like to lose.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 The skin required for a similar stake in the Game of Thrones is often a great deal more literal. Bran Stark lost his legs, Tyrion lost his looks (I’ve gleaned from the whispers of book readers that the imp lost considerably more in their sacred tomes; both Peter Dinklage’s agent and the show’s makeup artists are grateful for small favors), and Varys, as we learned last night in fascinating, hideous detail, lost his precious bow and arrows. It can’t be a coincidence, then, that all three of these men are among the most sympathetic of the Seven Kingdoms’ legion of would-be players. Scars humble and inconvenience Westerosi men of high and low standing alike, bringing them closer together in adulthood than they ever could’ve imagined at birth. The longer we spend amid the muck and squalor of the continent, the clearer it becomes that there’s another, more vicious game being played on the streets of King’s Landing, in the Northern woods, and in the frozen wastes beyond the wall: survival. Perspective in Westeros, like life, can be a b*tch. But it can also be the existence-extending difference between those, like Joffrey, who laugh at the misfortune of others and those, like Varys, who have learned not to laugh at all.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 But the lesson can be a rough one. One week after Jaime played a losing hand with Locke, he finds much more than his name being dragged through the mud. (Although that happens, too, as the Kingslayer’s captors seem to know all about his royal shenanigans with the queen. It appears Flea Bottom slander travels faster than the White Walkers.) After choking on horse piss and staging a weak and filthy revolt, Jaime collapses into an epic sulk that only his new bestie, Brienne, can pull him out of. “One taste of the real world, where people have important things taken from them, and you whine and cry and quit,” she scolds. Jaime fears that the loss of his sword hand — although literalists might point out he hasn’t actually lost it; it’s right there around his neck — means the loss of his identity. But those who have been forced to reinvent themselves thanks to the random, cutting cruelty of others are actually at a serious advantage on Game of Thrones. Brienne knows this firsthand: She somehow transformed herself from a gangly, bullied teen in a beach town (now that we know it has no jewels, I’m picturing Tarth as the Daytona of Westeros) into a fierce and fearsome knight. And Varys — who, thanks to Conleth Hill’s sly and subtle performance, ran away with this episode like Margaery with Joffrey’s heart — knows it best of all. The advice he gives to Tyrion, who remains too focused on small stakes to appreciate the bigger picture, could well have been delivered to the imp’s older, currently captive brother: Once you’ve lost something important, you’ll be surprised to discover what you’re actually capable of achieving.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 “And Now His Watch Has Ended” was a total blast, easily one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones to date. Part of the pleasure came from the very tangible and extremely fatal events that occurred to the far north and across the ocean to the east — Game of Thrones is always better when George R.R. Martin’s hot air is stoked by the scorching flame of dragon’s breath. But the real majesty was the way David Benioff and D.B. Weiss tethered Martin’s soaring commentary, like one of Daenerys’s scaly offspring, to ground-level events both stabby and immediate. In a sense, this entire series is about the way systems of power collapse when reality begins to trump tradition and hierarchy; when those attempting to rule the game board are too removed to understand their own place in it. (In chess, a king is nearly as immobile as a pawn.) Last night, a thousand-year tradition of wearing black and hanging out with dudes — I’m talking about the Night’s Watch, not high school stage crew — crumbled under the crushing weight of hunger and resentment. In King’s Landing, the Lannisters appear to be losing their grip on the throne because Tywin is more fond of browbeating his children than actually listening to them. For a time, anyway, the food, flowers, and flattery of House Tyrell seem to be stronger than the slashing wit, swords, and cruelty of the Lannister lions. What made this episode so strong was the way it revealed how the body politic can be just as easily sliced and diced as a body.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 That’s why the Brotherhood Without Banners represents the single most interesting thing to happen to the Seven Kingdoms since the invention of soap. A collection of bannermen and brigands from all across the continent, the Brotherhood is founded on the same empowering principles of reinvention and recontextualizing that transformed Varys from a castrated rent boy to a serene spymaster with a sorcerer for a pet. Since they seem to be fueled mostly by a thirst for justice and rum, I’d say they’re the closest things to unambiguous heroes we’ve yet encountered on Game of Thrones, although it’s a bit concerning that Thoros, the merry warrior priest, appears to pray to the same fiery god as that human patchouli stick Melisandre. Furthermore, their leader, Beric Dondarrion — a former knight who, the Internet informs me, appeared in the first season played by a different actor, which is in no way confusing — doesn’t seem to notice that Sandor Clegane is a fellow deserter carrying heavy scars, only some of which are visible. Back at Blackwater, the Hound took one look at the stupidity and savagery burning all around him and opted out. I’m hoping he gets another chance to stay off the straight and narrow. If everyone in Westeros were responsible for the stupidity of their brothers, the entire series would be sunk before it started.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 I know Yara Greyjoy agrees with me. Just as Theon finally admits the truth about his catastrophic actions last season — caught between affection for his admirable adopted brother and allegiance toward his awful birth father (he chose poorly) — he ends up right back where he started: chained to a giant X, which marks the spot where every episode of Game of Thrones loses my interest. (Alfie Allen was excellent with his monologue, but come on: This story just literally traveled in a circle!) I was much more entertained by the sibling-ensnaring soapiness of Margaery Tyrell. The sadism of Joffrey slides off her like the face of someone suffering from Porridge Plague and, thanks to some cunning worthy of Lord Baelish himself, she’s got the king wrapped around her Littlefinger. Do you think Joffrey noticed that the crowd of extras was chanting his fiancée’s name more ardently than his own? Do you think he cares? I think Margaery is playing a dangerous game here in trying to tame an illegitimate lion cub by stroking its fur, but I still like her. I think that Margaery, similar to her saucy grandmother, wants power because she’s grown bored of pretty things like roses. To her, pairing off her down-low brother with a brought-low Stark is as simple as making a bouquet, then tossing it from the balcony. If it makes other people happy, then what’s the harm? Margaery’s heart seems to be in the right place, if it exists at all.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Yet for one week, at least, the small-bore maneuverings of court life took a backseat to the widescreen insanity of real life. The mutiny at Craster’s Keep was truly shocking in the moment but a logical extension of Martin’s M.O.: to construct beautiful rules and customs and then do exactly what Lady Olenna does to her equally lovely chamber pot. The shuffled storytelling of the past few weeks meant that the inciting incident for the murder of crows — the weeks of cold, suffering, and starvation — felt as buried as Craster’s hidden larder. But the brutal way in which those sworn to police the world couldn’t even police themselves felt like an apt metaphor for Game of Thrones as a whole. At least Sam, Gilly, and sweet little Craster XCIX got away. Sam even managed to hold on to his thimble, the better to store his chances of scoring before summer returns.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 But nothing in the episode — hell, the season — matched Daenerys’s fiery emancipation proclamation in Astapor. It wasn’t so much the what but the how: We’ve seen plenty of stories in which a character played dumb about understanding a foreign language, and I don’t think even Hodor would’ve believed for a second that Dany was about to pawn off one of her dragons. But director Alex Graves filmed the scene perfectly, from the electric charge of anticipation that crackled through the initial transaction to history’s first recorded “drop the whip” moment of triumph just outside the city walls. Ever since we were introduced to her as a shy bargaining chip of yet another idiot brother, and all the way through her sacrifice and rebirth among the Dothraki, Daenerys has done nothing but surprise. But now the only one unimpressed by her majesty is Dany herself. She was taken in and almost taken off the board by some rich men back in Qarth, and there was no way that was going to happen again. Sure, her bargaining strategy was a little shady, but so is creating 8,000 castrated slave warriors in the first place. It appears that in the Game of Thrones, the only way to win is to first take your lumps and then take your revenge on the outdated system that ensnared you in the first place. I’d say this knowledge makes Daenerys the new favorite to win the game, but come on. Does she look like she’s playing?



Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 | Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 The title of this episode says it all. “Walk of Punishment” is a fitting name for the pain inflicted upon some characters in this chapter of Season 3. While the first two episodes of the season were focused on helping set the stage for things to come, this episode began to pick up. There was a sense of momentum finally building — the type of momentum that we felt at the end of the last season. This week in Westeros …

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 We first see Theon, once again, chained up and with a hood over his head. Given the fact that he sacked Winterfell and is generally just a petullant bully with some serious self-esteem issues, this was a pretty okay position to find him in. Then some guy comes along to ruin the moment by unchaining Theon and pushing the would-be lord of Winterfell onto a horse, telling him that his sister awaits in the east. In typical display of Theon’s arrogance, he proclaims, “I’ll make you a Lord of the Iron Islands for this!” Theon’s savior rolls his eyes (well, probably not, but that’s what any sensible person should have done) and sends Theon on his way.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 A little while later, Theon is riding through some hills being chased by a bunch of guys with arrows and maces. After a good chase, one loops around and introduces Theon’s face to a metal mace. The prince of the Iron Islands slumps to the ground, groaning. These men on horseback then jump off and do what so many of us wish we could — kick and stomp on him. One guy gets a little too excited, though, and gets ready to rape Theon before an arrow flies through his chest and those of everyone else. As Theon is saved again, his new friend warning him: “You’re a long way from home, and winter is coming.”

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 Up north of the Wall, winter has already come with deadly force. Jon Snow and the Wildlings have come to the place where most of the Night’s Watch was massacred by the White Walkers. They find no bodies there, though; just the heads of dead horses, which have been placed in a particular circular pattern. Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall, begins to formulate a plan. “Mormont took a big gamble going north, and he lost.” With the Night’s Watch decimated and wandering lost in the northern wild, Mance orders an assault on the wall. He plans to capture Castle Black, promising to “light the biggest fir the north has ever seen.” In the chance Jon does not help them take the castle, Mace orders his men to throw Jon off the edge of the wall. Things are not looking good for the ancient order of the Night’s Watch.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 The torn and tattered remains of these defenders of Westeros have once again arrived at the keep of creepy-guy-who-marries-his-daughters. Creeper initially does not plan to let Mormont and his men in, but soon enough caves and allows them to come sit by his fire. The vile wildling says that the Night’s Watch will lose, and he will live, for he pays homage to the “real” gods. As we have seen previously and is hinted at again in this episode, he appeases the “real” gods by sacrificing the sons his daughters give birth to. He sacrifices them to the White Walkers — that group of zombies who are, lest we forget, marching south with winter to destroy Westeros.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 In the most delightful scene of this episode, we see Lord Varys (who is finally appearing in the season) and Lord Baelish arrive in some chambers where Tywin Lannister stands at the end of a large table. The old Maester wanders in as well, as does Tyrion. They all look at each other awkwardly, before Varys and Littlefinger both make a dash for the chairs — Littlefinger winning the race to sit closest to Lord Tywin. Queen Cersei then arrives, notices the chairs closest to her father or taken, and picks up a chair to take and set right beside Tywin. After observing all of this, Tyrion loudly drags a chair to the exact opposite side of Tywin, and plops down contently.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 At the Small Council meeting, Tywin names Tyrion the Master of Coin — in charge of the king’s treasury. The current master, Lord Baelish, is heading to the Vale in order to marry Lady Arryn. This is a stunning development as Lady Arryn is Catelyn Stark’s sister (thus Robb Stark’s aunt), and previously blamed the Lannisters for murdering her husband, the former Hand of the King. Tyrion seems rather shocked by his new appointment, aptly stating that “a lifetime of unlimited wealth has taught me a lot about spending money but nothing about managing it!”

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3 Upon reviewing the kingdom’s books, he realizes that the Seven Kingdoms have been funded based on loans that Lord Baelish had been ordering. While most of the loans are to Tywin Lannister, tens of millions are owed to the Iron Bank of Braavos. If the Crown cannot pay back Braavos, the bankers could turn to funding Joffrey’s enemies



Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 | Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 While the men of Westeros are once again preparing for battle, wallowing in long-lasting wounds, or just hanging on for dear life, the women are doing their own part to stave off a full-on civil war. Be it by brains or brawn, females are becoming key to the future of Westeros, playing the long game and demonstrating that all the swords in the Seven Kingdoms may be worthless without a wise political strategy.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Wisdom seems to be the weapon of choice of House Tyrell, who is quietly scheming to amass a wealth of power without spilling a single drop of blood. The torchbearer for this plan is Margaery Tyrell, who is deftly spinning a new image for her soon-to-be husband while keeping the rest of the Lannister cabal at arms length.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 King Joffrey - who is growing into his role as a maniacal little despot - displays both ignorance and apathy to his mother’s warnings of the Margaery’s true intentions, on one hand believing that she’s an intelligent woman “doing what she’s told,” the other hand enchanted by her subtle curiosity in Joffrey’s bloodlust.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 However, Margaery’s political play is not a solo endeavor, as we are introduced to the matriarchal mastermind behind the Tyrells, Lady Olenna. A mix of wit, charm and grace, Olenna and Margaery pull Sansa Stark aside in order to gain some valuable intel on King Joffrey’s mindset. A gravely frightened Stark gives the Tyrells just enough insight to rein in some political capital, informing them of Westeros’s worst kept secret: Joffrey is a “monster.”

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 In other areas of Westeros, we are reunited with a trio of women who are more inclined to wield their sword than curry political power. Brienne of Tarth is still stuck transporting Jaime Lannister to King’s Landing. Arya Stark is on a quest to meet up with her brother, Robb, before he heads into battle. Osha, Bran Stark’s wildling servant, is trying to keep the smaller Starks safe as they move to safer ground.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 All three women soon find out that their weapons will only get them so far. Arya is taken in by a traveling bunch of outlaws and refugees, the Brotherhood Without Banners, who embarrass her in a swordfight before learning her true identity, with some help from the freshly captured Sandor Clegane.



Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 | Watch Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Watch Online Free Rick tells him that he’s sorry he had to travel through that. Carl says he can lookout of everybody if one thing happens. Carl tells him Daryl has been occupation the baby Ass-Kicker. They laugh then Carl suggests they name her Judith once Carl’s third grade teacher. Carl is clearly now not a toddler. the fact of the globe has turned him into a survivor.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Watch Online Free The Governor takes Andrea to a space wherever Milton is seeing to adult male. Coleman, a sick trying older man World Health Organization is in a very bed. He leaves Andrea with Milton and thanks adult male. Coleman for doing this. Milton uses a tool to form a noise as Andrea starts a song enjoying on a phonograph. Milton asks the guy some queries and he responds that they’re true by raising his hand. the person appears to be in some quite trance.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Watch Online Free Back at the interrogation space astronaut struggles to induce lose once ousel brings a zombie in this he has on the tip of a pole. once astronaut won’t speak he lets the zombie loose within the space and closes the door. astronaut kicks it because it attacks him and is in a position to induce to his feet. the 2 crash round the space as they fight. astronaut is in a position to interrupt the chair he’s taped to apart and use a leg to stab it through the attention killing it.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Watch Online Free Milton tells Andrea that once adult male. Coleman dies and becomes a walker they’ll restrain him then raise him a similar inquiries to see if any of his memory still exists. Andrea is there to kill him once they area unit done. Andrea is certain there’s no head and tells him once they flip they become monsters. She finds out that Milton has ne’er seen somebody flip. we discover out that Milton lived a really isolated existence before all this happened. Mr. Coleman dies and that they attach the restraints.

Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 1 Watch Online Free Outside, ousel tells The Governor regarding astronaut. they’re troubled Rick and his crew can come back once them. The Governor tells ousel he can see Maggie. He walks into the space she is being control in and attracts a knife that he uses to chop her tape restraints therefore she is easier. He tells her that they’ll take her back to her folks. She simply has to tell him wherever they’re and that they can go there and obtain them and produce them to Woodbury wherever they’ll all be safe. once she won’t speak he tells her to face up and pop out her shirt. once she says no he tells her to try to to it or he can bring Glenn’s hand Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Watch Online Free in. She takes her shirt off, then her undergarment and covers herself along with her hands. He unhooks his gun belt, walks over to her and starts touching her. She trembles then he slams her face down on the table and puts his hands on her hips and butt. She rebelliously tells him to try to to no matter he’s reaching to do. He stands over her for a flash then walks away.

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